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Most homes and commercial buildings make use of the carpet throughout the interior to improve the appearance, eliminate noise or keep the place warm. In order to get all these benefits, you have to take up some maintenance routines such as constant brushing and vacuuming.

The practice takes away dust, hair, pet’s fur, dead skin and other tiny particles that could cause allergens if left to pile. Unfortunately, as months go by, you’ll find that the daily vacuuming needs a backup. Captain Carpet Cleaning is your on-call backup plan when you need that extra sparkle on your carpet. If you’re tired of a smelly house, stubborn stains that make your floor seem unsightly not to mention, unhygienic too, call us to fix the problem.

Captain Carpet Cleaners is dedicated to providing quality services in Houston, and the surrounding area. It has always been the number one goal of our company, and we hope you choose us for your next carpet cleaning needs. There are a lot of options in our area, and we stand out from the rest with our exceptional service and positive customer experience. Professionally cleaning carpets is a big project, to ensure that you are in the right hands, with the best equipment, and getting a fair price by choosing us when it comes time for professional cleaning. We have handled a variety of jobs, nothing is too big, small, or delicate for our dedicated professionals.

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Carpet Cleaning

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Enjoy Thoroughly Clean Carpets

Just like car servicing, finding the right carpet cleaning company to take care of the nitty gritty to prolong your rug’s life and appearance is important. A carpet not only attracts dust, it also retains smells. If you have a smoker in the house or a pet, the smell and smoke they emit sticks in your rug and no matter how much you vacuum, the smell won’t leave.

Sometimes having toddlers around the house means you have more spills other households. Even spilled clean water can make a clean looking carpet smell moldy after sometime. Our expert cleaners takes care of all the accumulated dirt and germs.

For houses and commercial buildings with massive carpets running throughout the flooring, airing is impossible. We have specialized machines that not only removes the odor, but fixes the source. We’re also through cleaning one spot at a time. Haphazard cleaning can miss a small spot of spilled, dried milk. We never miss a spot, so you’re assured of a fresh smell and clean looking carpet afterwards.

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Our Cleaning Prolongs Your Carpet Life

A carpet’s design and fiber should be soft to land on and yet tough enough to last despite the daily use. Like every manufactured product, they do have a use by date; this means they’ll start ageing after several months or years of use.

We help to take care of your carpet to reach up to the recommended use-by date while still looking immaculate. Don’t wait until the carpet no longer resembles the original mat it was while new. Small spots slowly grow into big spots which can deface your home or commercial building.

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Contact Us for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Call us as soon as you notice creases on your carpet, have some loose ends that need a professional touch or have water retention in your rugs. We’ll help to stretch out the carpet, repair the loose ends and expertly drain off the water.

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