The carpets in your home, office, or commercial space get a lot of use over the years. Foot traffic coming in and out, kids and pets playing, or even equipment being rolled around all start to loosen things up over time. This is just a normal part of everyday life, and we all have to accept that. The end result of all this use is your carpet will become loose. This is not a bad thing, nor should you tip toe around everything with the hopes of keeping it in tip top shape. The only thing you need to know is that this can be easily remedied with a professional re­stretching from carpet professionals like Captain Carpet Cleaning. Our team has had a lot of practice re­-stretching carpets. Although it is not really a difficult thing to do, there are some nuances to it and if it is done the wrong way it can cause serious damage to your carpet.


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If something really gets messed up you might even have to replace everything, and trust us you do not want that. Some carpet companies might not have the know how that we have, or just plain do not take the time and care that is necessary for a proper re­stretching. We always have your best interests in mind and would never want to cause more harm than is necessary. These types of things can be stressful so do not leave it to a less than adequate company, and go with Captain Carpet Cleaners.

Carpet re­stretching does not take a lot of time (depending on the area that is affected). Often times it is just high traffic areas like entry ways and stairs that will require re­stretching eventually. Most people assume there is nothing to do but replace everything that has become loose, but this is not the case. As long as the carpet is in good condition it is always a time and money saver to just re­stretch. If the carpet in your home has become too worn over time, we suggest you just replace the old stuff.

Generally we notice that commercial spaces or businesses need more frequent carpet re­stretching than homes do. This is due to more traffic coming in and out of a business or commercial space. There are a lot more people walking around a business than a home, and there are usually heavy things being transported or moved throughout. Because of this it is always a good idea to have things checked out by carpet cleaners in Houston. We can tell you if you need some work done, or when you can expect to have work done in the future.

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Carpeting the home is expensive and you’re less likely to replace than to clean. We not only help clean out the mess, we also help to mitigate future stains by treating your carpet and increasing its dirt resistance. We guarantee our  Carpet Stain Removal services, so expect nothing short of the best.

Our team is very fast, efficient, friendly and able to address your needs at a time that is most convenient for you. If you are having work done in the home, we can work around your needs easily so you are not displaced unnecessarily. We realize how important it is to keep a business or commercial space running, that is why we are available to come in before or after business hours, or on the weekends to insure your precious time is not eaten up. We strive to go above and beyond so our customers know they are getting the best service available, and choose us for all of their carpet cleaning needs.


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The last thing you want to have is a company charging you unfair prices while doing poor work. So please consider Captain Carpet Cleaners for any of your carpet projects. We have a free quote tool so you can see how much something will cost, or feel free to call us any time at (832) 463-5707.






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