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Captain Carpet Cleaners has been servicing the Houston, Woodland, Conroe, and Spring area for some time now. Our customers are the number one reason we are still in business. We take pride in what we do, and that is simply a good job. We understand that keeping a good rapport with our clientele is the key to our success.

Ever job well done is a great referral or a continuation of a working relationship. Other companies might not be so concerned about you on the other end, this can result in paying too much for work, or having less than a satisfactory job done. We Also enjoy being a part of this beautiful community, and every little thing we can do to uplift everyone will help keep our community vibrant.

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When we got started here it was the great feeling of helping people out in a time of need that kept us coming back for so long. We have seen everything from people moving out of their first apartment, helping homeowners sell their homes and move on to bigger and better things, helping companies attract customers, and even getting RV’s ready for big adventures. All of these things are positive aspects of life, and people really are grateful when we help them with their cleaning needs. It adds value to whatever they do and makes us feel good about our job. We would have never guessed this industry could bring us such joy, but it really does.

When you work with Captain Carpet Cleaners in Houston, TX it will become very evident that we really do love our job. We always try to make any carpet cleaning project a good experience, and we know you will enjoy your clean space when we are done. Feel free to call us with any questions about pricing or the type of services we provide. We are up for anything, so do not be afraid to ask.





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