Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residents can now rest easy as there’s a professional carpet cleaner in town. We guarantee our services so that you can expect nothing less than perfection after we’re done with your carpets. Our passion is to see happy and hygienic homes by making sure we remove toxin-causing bacteria and dirt from your home.


Clean Your Carpet Regularly


When you have a carpet in your home, chances are it absorbs humidity, making it a thriving ground for germs and bacteria. As professional cleaners, we understand so well the predicament of maintaining a through-fresh carpet in a humid environment.

Our dry carpet cleaning services control the moisture we use when cleaning your carpet making it dry much faster regardless of humidity.

Large family

A large family translates to more traffic within the home. The more the traffic, the dirtier it gets. Your need to clean a carpet often when you have more people living in the house. We offer regular cleaning packages to make this practice less strenuous on you and your household.

Children and Pets

Pet urine is a hazard to have around people. It gets worse if it penetrates the carpet fibers. We specialize in cleaning out pet urine from your carpet leaving it odor and germ-free. If you have children, half the time when in the house, they’ll be sprawled on the carpet.

We make it our duty to clean the carpets so the children don’t catch any diseases from dirty carpets, further we specialize in distaining in case of spills.

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Recommended Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of regular or daily carpet vacuuming, PA recommends yearly professional carpet cleaning. A year worth of dirt and grime may not be showing on the surface, but it does sink into the carpet fibers aging it in the process. Irrespective of the traffic in your home, once a year though cleaning will keep the carpet clean and eliminate bacteria and dust mites.

Water Extraction

If you have a water problem in your home, the last thing you want is the resulting disease-causing mold. At  Captain Carpet Cleaners, we’re on standby to make sure the water problem doesn’t cause havoc in your home.

We speedily dry out the rugs, floors and other areas to avoid spread of moisture. Here are some reasons why you should call us the next time you have water problem.

  • We’re available immediately 24 hours in a day thus you don’t have to wait for hours before we start working.
  • Our guaranteed service ensures you can hold us on our word to deliver as per agreement.
  • Free estimates before the work begins ensures that the billing process is without blind spots on your end.
  • We’re a certified team of water extractors, so your property is safe with us.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, you can reach out to us from wherever you are and we’ll be there to salvage your carpets, walls, floors from water damage.





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