Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your business or property carpet condition can tell a lot about your operation. The in-house cleaning crew may vacuum and clean out loose dust but for a thoroughly clean and a healthy environment, you need professionals. In a bid to save money, most business end up losing out productivity to sick employees due to their carpet conditions.


The Number One Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A dirty carpet not only shows negligence, it also portrays some level of unprofessionalism. In Texas, we work with businesses and commercial property owners to keep their carpets in the topnotch condition at all times.

Unlike a home, commercial property experiences very high traffic from all sorts of people. Dirt and germs ingrain themselves in the carpet fiber making the carpet a potential cause of allergens and other respiratory illnesses.

Without a professional thorough cleaning, the dirt starts to show and soon you have an unsightly business property that needs more hours to clean and condition. Don’t wait until the last minute to call a professional, we want to partner with you to make your working space as clean and comfortable at all times.

This fairness has been witnessed by us, and we strive to follow suit every day we go to work. Besides all of the obvious benefits, it really does make us feel good doing the right thing. Other companies might not have the same interest as Captain Carpet Cleaning does. Let us build a working relationship with your company, we promise you will not be let down.

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Why Call Us For Your Commercial Carpet Needs?

We are Available 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

Availability is huge when it comes to a commercial property. We work around your schedule so you don’t have to lose productive working hours. Time is therefore of no hindrance when it comes to cleaning your property, when you need us, we’ll be there.

Fully certified Captain Carpet Cleaners

We take commercial carpet cleaning seriously and we only work with the experts in the field. Our services are certified by Carpets and Rugs Inst. Have no doubt that we’ll understand the type of cleaning procedure your business carpet needs.

Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Our dry carpet cleaning process uses minimal moisture to take out dirt. It also uses high pressure vacuum to remove excess moisture. The process helps faster drying so that you have a dry and conditioned carpet 15 minutes after we’re through.

Professional Carpet Cleaners for Business
We take professionalism very seriously and have a set of procedures to follow through before getting to work. With your permission, we ensure a thorough inspection of the carpet, its condition, and take into account all your requirements so that we can deliver as per your expectations and needs.


Commercial Water Extraction

Water damage in a commercial building especially in the top floors can become a headache and stall a business for several hours. Our on call team is available for any emergency water extraction needs on your commercial property.

We‘re a team of professionals and certified water extractors. We use moisture reading gadgets to get the amount of moisture in the building and assess the damage before we share a quote.

Upon agreement, we get to work to eliminate water on the surface, walls and floors. The next process is to dehumidify the building and walls and prevent growth of mold. If you have a commercial property, call us for your carpet cleaning and water extraction needs. We value your time and money and our promise is to not to waste any of it.






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