Stain Removal

Spillage is a normal part of every active household. You may have a spill of kids play paints, nail polish, coffee, hot chocolate or wine. Your expensive carpet comes treated to handle such daily occurrences. However over time, the resistance wears out due to constant use, vacuuming and dust.


Stain Removal Experts

Wine Spills

It’s one thing to have a wine spilling on the table or clothing, and another to have it on the carpet. Even with the best DIY measure, your house can still smell like a brewery after a short while. Red wine stains are stubborn on the carpet.

We have seen it all and our assurance is to handle your wine stain like a pro. We clean out the stain as well as the padding removing both the unsightly mark and the smell.

Pet Stains

Pets are a nuisance when it comes to messing on the carpet. Even when trained, some pets still relieve themselves indoors several times in one corner. The resulting smell is dreadful and the urine stain requires professional cleaning.

Don’t fret when Fido takes it on the carpet, we’ll be there to clean afterwards and make even the most severe smelling carpets fresh and stain-free. We use UV light to trace pet urine on the carpet making our cleaning detailed and thorough.

Plumbing Materials

Call Us for All Your Carpet Stains

Carpeting the home is expensive and you’re less likely to replace than to clean. We not only help clean out the mess, we also help to mitigate future stains by treating your carpet and increasing its dirt resistance. We guarantee our Carpet Stain Removal services, so expect nothing short of the best.

Carpet Red Stain Removal

Our company specializes in all types of stain removal, including red ones. We know how to preserve the fibers and color while removing the stain with the help of extractors. Our team is diligent and effective at removing red stains. So why would you choose anyone else to remove red stains from the carpets in your home?

A big part of our job is taking the stress out of day to day life, and that is a good thing. Captain Carpet cleaning is equipped with the right tools to get any stain out. Our team has the experience to make sure every little stain is dealt with properly. We use awesome products that clean the unwanted stain while protecting the original colors. If you are wondering how much we charge for our services you can send us an email. We are also always available by phone.


Call Us for Your Carpet Restretching and Stain Removal

A major part of maintaining your carpet is to repair and clean often. Most homes have carpets serving them more than 5 years because of the routine of maintenance. We believe if it concerns you, it should concerns us. Give us a call and we’ll make your carpet stains and ugly folds disappear like magic.






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