Home Carpet Restretching


 A carpet that is good condition looks tight and well positioned. With time, your carpet may get loose due to various reasons such as furniture moving, if it was not stretched well during installation if it has lasted for many years and carts and toys that roll over your carpet. With time, the carpet gets loose and lumpy. You will start to observe wear near the ends, lack of smoothness and wrinkles. Once this happens to your carpet, do not worry as you can increase the lifespan of your carpet and make it look new by stretching it again.

 Restretching is the solution to your lose and lumpy carpet. Once your carpet starts showing the above signs, you do not have to invest in a new carpet but consider this method, and your carpet will be back as new. The process is not very complicated as you can do it easily and efficiently. You can also consider carpet repairs companies to provide the services for you. The method can be used for both commercial and home carpets. Below is everything you need to know about carpet re-stretching services in Woodland, Texas.


1. Steps involved

The carpet needs to be well stretched around the entire room. Before you start stretching, ensure that you have the right tools. You will need pliers, hammer, screwdriver, stapler, and power carpet stretcher. You can find these tools on your local carpet store. Make sure that everything on the carpet so that you can work out well. Below are the steps that you need to follow during this process.

• Remove the old carpet.

The carpet is held to the wall by a base board made of wood. In most cases, small nails are used to join the carpet and the wall. You should remove the nails and pull the old carpet. You should start with one corner and proceed to the rest until you have peeled back the entire carpet. If you have difficulties trying to pull the carpet, you can use pliers. While removing the carpet out, do not use a lot of force as this can separate the fibers and your carpet will get destroyed.

• Clean the underneath of the carpet

You need to make sure that once the process is over, the underneath of the carpet will be clean. You can also check for any nails or screws that might have falling while pulling the carpet in the first step. The best way to clean the beneath of the carpet is through a vacuum cleaner as it will ensure that nothing is left there.

• Clean the floor

Once you remove the carpet, you should clean the floor before returning it. If the carpet has been there for a long time, dust and dirt may have accumulated. Also, you may find splinters and staples that may cause injuries when stepped on. You should use a vacuum for cleaning the floor.

• Pull the carpet in one direction.

You should place your carpet smooth in the room using knee kicker. Move around the room and stretch side to make sure there are no lumps on the carpet. When the entire carpet is well stretched, you should trim the excess carpet all around. The excess carpet will be left with no room once you pull the carpet on all four corners. To cut, make sure that you use a carpet cutter that is readily available on the carpet stores near you. A sharp knife is also an alternative to carpet cutter. While cutting ensures it is in a straight line so that the carpet can be uniform.

• Install the stretched carpet

Once you have finished the above processes and your carpet is well stretched, you need to put it back. You can use the nails to join the baseboard to the carpet and the wall. Make sure that the carpet is well stretched and uniform all around. You can now return the furniture to their places and enjoy a well-stretched carpet.


2. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company

If you find the process is difficult for you, contact a reliable carpet cleaning company, and they will sort you out. If you are looking for carpet restretching for in Woodland city for instance you can carry out an online search and select the company with the best reviews. In addition, when selecting a carpet cleaning company, you need to look at various qualities such as;

• Their experience in this kind of service and this is to gauge their skills and expertise.

• The cost of their services. With the many carpet cleaners, their rates are competitive hence you should select the most reasonable.

• The time they take to finish so that you can plan on your home or office.

• Their reputation is crucial, and you can know by checking their testimonials online.

3. Benefits of carpet restretching

There are many benefits associated with this method. You should, therefore, take advantage of this process and enjoy these benefits.

• Increases the carpets longevity whereby your old carpet can last for a long time after it has been stretched.

• It enhances safety at home and in the office. When the carpet has a lot of lumps, one can hit them and fall. It is essential in homes where children are playing around for safety.

• Reduces the costs of buying a new carpet. When you restretch your carpet, it will appear as new. Buying a high-quality carpet is quite expensive, therefore, take advantage of this method.

• Your home or office looks neater after the stretching process than before. When the carpet has folds and lumps, the room may look untidy and unappealing. When you stretch the carpet, the look of the room is enhanced.

Most of the carpet cleaning companies offers carpet stretching services. Once you start noticing the wrinkles and ripples in your carpet, make sure that you contact a reliable carpet stretching company for the services. The process may seem overwhelming, but when the right steps are followed, it turns to a simple process.