Carpet Water Extraction


Regular cleaning of your carpet is essential. Dust, mold, and germs may accumulate in your carpet and cause allergies if you do not wash it thoroughly. There are various methods of carpet cleaning for both home and commercial uses. One of the most effective methods to clean your carpet is water extraction. Carpet Water Extraction cleaning experts involves cleaning the carpet using hot water and carpet cleaning products which are injected into the carpets at high pressure cleaning it thoroughly. All the dirt in the carpet is removed using a vacuum. Water extraction is one of the most used methods of carpet cleaning due to the many benefits. Read on this article to understand more about this method of carpet cleaning and the benefits.


1. Deeper cleaning

The method cleans your carpet more thoroughly. The water extraction penetrates the water and the cleaning agent deep into the carpet fibers and fabric. When your carpet is thoroughly cleaned, it will last for long, and no germs will be accumulated in the carpet. Also, the method enables faster drying of the carper. The vacuum is used to remove all the water leaving the carpet dry. You can clean the carpet and use it on the same day. The method is effective for big and thick carpets which do not get cleaned well through other methods.


2. The method is environment-friendly

When cleaning your carpet, you should look for methods that will not you or the people in the room whether at home or in the office. The water extraction method does not use harmful and harsh cleaning agents such as detergents and shampoos. The method uses hot water which kills the germs and removes the dust particles without harming the environment. The people cleaning their carpets using this method are not prone to any harm as there are no detergents or shampoos used. The hot water does not cause any effects on people or the environment, and you end up getting satisfactory results.


3. No residue is left on the carpet

Using a water extraction method to clean your carpet does not leave any residue on the carpet compared to other cleaning methods. The use of hot water in the carpet removes all stains and dirt and leaves no residue behind. Most of the detergents and shampoos used in the cleaning of carpets will always leave a residue after cleaning the carpet. The residue left can cause a lot of damage to the carpet and also decrease the life of the carpet.


4. The method is very effective

Today, water extraction is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method compared to other cleaning methods. Firstly the cleaning speed is very high and only takes a few minutes to clean the carpet. The method uses hot water under high pressure that removes even the deepest stains in no time. It removes all types of stains including food, tea, coffee, oil, and wine. Therefore, if your carpet has stubborn stains that won’t go away, you should consider this method.


5. Removes odor

Water extraction method removes any odor from your carpets. As your carpet gets cleaned, the odor is removed. Most carpets owners either at home or in the office will experience carpet odor at one time or another. The carpet odor is caused by the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the carpet for a long time. When you use the extraction method of cleaning, the smell is removed, and you get a fresh smelling carpet. If you notice that your carpet has some odor, make sure that you use this method, and you will be satisfied with the results.


6. Easy to use

You can either decide to hire a professional cleaning company or clean the carpet yourself. With water extraction, carpet cleaning method, you can clean your carpet yourself. All you need is to know the steps involved in cleaning and follow them. When buying the equipment, you will get a manual that has instructions on usage. Therefore, you save a lot of money by cleaning the carpet rather than paying professional to wash it for you. Water extraction method requires one to be very careful when cleaning the carpet for best results. If you are not sure about using the water extraction equipment, you can hire a professional cleaning company for the work.


7. Cost-effective

The method is cost-effective in that, your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned, the carpets will not get damaged, and it will last for a long time. Purchasing the water extraction machine might be quite expensive, but it will be worth the investment at the end. You will enjoy a clean carpet always. You can also rent the water extraction machine from carpet cleaning companies at a certain cost. The cost will be less than having them clean the carpet for you. The method also saves time as cleaning is fast and you will have enough time to dry the carpet.


8. The carpet dries fast

When you use this method to clean your carpet, the time it takes to dry is short. Other carpet cleaning methods will require you to wait at least a day for the carpet to dry completely. With water extraction, the drying time takes around four hours, and you can start using the carpet again.

Both commercial and home carpets should be cleaned regularly to prevent respiratory problems caused by dust and bacteria. Carpet water extraction is a method that requires precision to get good results. Nowadays if you live around Woodlands you will find various cleaning companies. The best way to find one is through online search. It is important that you ask the carpet cleaning company whether they use water extraction method. If they do, you can hire them for your carpet, and you will be satisfied with the results. If you have purchased a high-quality carpet, make sure that you maintain its quality by cleaning it regularly using the water extraction method. After you have cleaned the carpet, make sure that it is dry before you use it again.