Red Stain Removal from Carpet


Let’s face this problem head on, besides it’s bound to happen to all of us someday, maybe to some of us it’s already a reality. Imagine you have taken every possible precautionary measure to protect your carpet from stains that would otherwise compromise its beautiful appearance but in a split of a second, a mishap occurs with a sippy glass of cranberry juice, a glass of red wine, a drop of blood or your young one just could not help it playing with the tomato sauce. And there the big question hits you, how do you handle a red stain on the carpet? Carpet cleaning stain removal especially red stain removal from carpet has proven by far to be the most stringent type of stain to get rid of especially if you are relying on using just the standard cleaning products. Fortunately for you red stains and red dyes as tough as they sound they are not impossible to remove with the help of professional carpet stain service expert. If you live in the Woodlands, Texas no one should convince you that your carpet will be bright red forever, since we can assure you it’s possible to restore your carpet to its full glory. 


Professional carpet cleaners in The Woodlands Texas who have been in the business for many years can remember the days when red stain removal was done through the heat transfer method. This usually is done by first cleaning the stain, then pouring enough red removal chemical into the stain purposely to wet it, then the chemical is agitated into the carpet fiber, and an iron and a damp towel are used to remove the stain out of the fiber into the towel. However not all the red stains can be removed through this method especially tough red spills from Kool-Aid, nail polish, cranberry juice, and a maraschino cherry. Below it’s a list of other available options that can be applied in the process of red stain removal from a carpet. 


What caused the “red” 

Before you start working and making decisions on what method and which chemical is best suited for the red stain removal from the carpet, you have to first determine the main cause of the stain. What caused the red stain? Was it the red wine? Cranberry juice? Kool _Aid? Tomato sauce? cough syrup? Or something else? What you don’t know is that stains are usually classified as either organic (natural) or synthetic (human-made). The methodology applied in the removal of an organic stain such as natural fruit juice and the removal of a synthetic stain such as medicine, unnatural fruit juice would be very different. 

It’s also worth noting before working out on your carpet you have to identify the type of carpet. Usage of the wrong system to clean delicate fibers can cause severe damage to the appearance of your carpet which can even trigger a replacement all together no wonder it’s always advisable to seek the services of professional carpet cleaning stain removal experts. . 


Synthetic red stains 

These types of red stains include, but they are not limited to, some of the following 


Artificial fruit Juices which are made from chemicals 

Kool-Aid and other cold and hot beverages 

Cosmetics such as nail polish 

Food dyes and coloring 

Medicines such as cough syrup 

How to remove synthetic red stains 


1. They say time is a valuable asset and in this case, it comes in handy. When the spill occurs, blot up as much of the spill as possible since the longer the stain sets, the harder it becomes to remove and might even spread. To do this, you need a white piece of cloth which is bleach free and clean. 


2. So how do you blot? Using your index finger knuckle roll the piece of cloth on it and push your knuckle forward, then right and left across the red carpet stain. Since many carpet fibers are twisted clockwise twist your wrist in a clockwise direction as well since this motion helps in removing the stain from the fibers and protects your carpet from a fuzzy appearance. 

Do apply an alkaline cleaning solution just to make sure you have removed as much stain from the carpet thus if the stain is water soluble. Remember never to scrub the stained area since scrubbing will definitely harm the fibers and usually scrubbing aids in faster settling of the stain into the carpet. 

Just in case the staining material is a cosmetic or any other whose ingredients are greases and oils then a volatile dry solvent spotter should be applied first then rinsed with an alkaline cleaning solution. If spray bottle or a carpet cleaning machine is available, it should be utilized in applying the alkaline cleaning solution. Remember not to over wet the carpet and one should try to dry the area. 


3. To eliminate a synthetic red stain fully from your carpet you need to use a reducing bleach (sodium hydrosulfite, sodium bisulfite among others). What you need to have is a wet towel which is placed over the stain and with the heat from a steam iron you can be assured of good results. Use caution when applying the heat since it may cause color loss or wreak havoc on the carpet fibers. Just to be on the safe side, you can use a wallpaper steamer. When the desired results are achieved remember to rinse the reducing agent and dry the carpet thoroughly. 


Examples of Organic red stains 

Some of the organic stains include but they are not limited to, some of the following 



Juice from natural fruits (grape juice, cherry juice, cranberry juice) 

Red wine 

Tomato Products thus ketchup/sauce/juice 

Food coloring 

Jam/ jelly and some condiments 


The process of eliminating organic red stains from a carpet 


1. You need to follow the step one and step 2 highlighted in the removal of a synthetic red stain removal process. 


2.Unlike the synthetic stains, organic stains are usually removed with an oxidizing bleach (sodium percarbonate, and hydrogen peroxide). Nearly all organic red stains require an oxidizing agent to eliminate them. All you have to do is place a wet towel over the stain and apply some heat from a steam iron which will speed the action of the oxidizer. 

Remember to regulate the heat applied since lots of it may cause color loss or damage the carpet fibers. It’s also worth noting even though a strong alkaline can accelerate the time taken by the oxidizer, a very strong alkaline can as well cause color loss. When the desired results are achieved remember to rinse the oxidizing agent from the carpet and dry the carpet as much as possible. 


From the procedures above its clear, your carpet requires a professional carpet stain service expert, who has the knowledge and the experience in the field. Professional carpet cleaning services in The Woodlands, Texas will not only save you a considerable amount of time, eliminate the mistakes done by (do-it-yourselfers) such as over-shampooing, and over-wetting but will extend the life of your carpet and restore its lost glory.