Rug Cleaning Service in The Woodlands, Texas


We are a locally operated company that offers professional rug cleaning services. Having built our business on referrals, our residential and commercial customers have come to trust our superior solutions. Every rug we have cleaned showcases our capability and quality of our services.

Our continued excellence has helped us gain the trust of the people living in the Woodlands, Texas. As such, they have continued to choose and recommend our rug cleaning services to other customers. A dirty rug is a health risk to you and your family. For starters, the deep-seated dirt and dust can cause breathing problems. How will this happen? Regular foot traffic will result in the dirt and dust being kicked in the air. As these particles float, one will end up breathing them in. This causes breathing problems, bronchitis, and asthma among other problems. 

Regular foot traffic can accelerate wear and tear too. This can affect the look of your home or office. To eliminate bad odors, pollutants, and dirt from your rugs, call our professional technicians. 

Our team of experts utilizes specialized cleaning equipment to remove deep-seated dirt, unsightly stains, pet hair, and pollutants. By doing so, they help to prolong the life of your rug as well as prevent the occurrence of any health problems. 

Rug Cleaning Service in The Woodlands, Texas starts with a site visit. Our IICRC technicians will begin by evaluating your rugs before sitting down with you to discuss the best solutions. Once our technicians have discussed your needs and you have agreed on the best solution, they will embark on cleaning your rug. 

One of the best solutions that our technicians recommend is hot water extraction. While this method is designed for deep cleaning carpets, it is perfect for removing deep-seated dirt and pollutants from your rugs too. Our IICRC technicians use powerful truck mounted or portable equipment to lift dirt, bacteria and other contaminants from your rugs. The equipment works by combining high pressure and heat. This helps to deep clean and dry your rugs faster. 

Residential Rug Cleaning Service 

We pride ourselves on excellent service and top quality work. As such, we have been recognized by the community of The Woodlands Texas as the best rug cleaning company. We are proud of this recognition. 

Our team of experts has serviced many homes, condos, and apartments. To remove the deep-seated dirt, dust, and pollutants, we use hot water extraction, low moisture method, and dry foam shampoo. The latter is safe for pets and children. 

By cleaning rugs, we have prolonged their lifespan, improved indoor air quality in our customers’ homes, helped to prevent the onset of health problems and much more. So, when a friend or neighbor asks you who cleaned your rug, we know you will recommend us. 


Commercial Rug Cleaning Service 

We offer rug cleaning services to businesses in The Woodlands, Texas. With decades of combined experience, we have noted that heavy foot traffic can turn a new and beautiful rug into a dirty and unattractive rug. An unkempt rug in your office is a complete turn-off. Apart from that, the deep-seated dirt, unsightly stains, and contaminants can produce a bad odor. This affects the indoor air quality in your business. 

As IICRC certified professionals, we can prolong the lifespan of your carpet and improve the look of your business. How? We have powerful truck mounted and portable rug cleaning equipment plus expertise that can transform your unkempt and unattractive to look new and fresh. 


Our 10 Step Process 

 Step One – We begin by fully inspecting your rugs for unsightly stains, deep-seated dirt, dust, and contaminants. 

Step Two – We agitate your rug to help loosen the dirt and proceed by vacuuming it. 

Step Three – We pre-treat the rug to loosen the unsightly stains, dirt, and contaminants. During this stage, we use Green Seal Certified cleaning solutions. 

Step Four – Using our powerful truck mounted and portable equipment, we deep clean the back of the rug. Our preferred method of cleaning is the low moisture method. 

Step Five – After cleaning the back, we thoroughly clean the front of the rug using the hot water extraction method. This helps to remove contaminants and dirt while killing any bacteria 

Step Six – Our team of experts inspect your rug to make sure all spots and dirt are removed. If any spots are present, they are treated. 

Step Seven – To soften and restore the fibers, our team of technicians uses a soft brush on your rug. 

Step Eight – Optional treatments are applied during this stage. They include deodorizers and rug protectors. This helps to prolong the lifespan of your rug and create a barrier around each fiber. 

Step Nine – We hang your rug in our humidity-controlled room to dry and remove the water. This prevents mold growth and the presence of a musty smell 

Step Ten – Our technicians will brush and vacuum your rug before delivery to your home or office. 


Why Choose Us 


Dedicated and experienced team 

Our success lies in our dedicated and experienced team that works with professionalism and expertise. Using powerful truck mounted and portable equipment, they can restore the original look of your rug. Apart from that, they can get rid of the deep-seated dirt, contaminants, and unsightly stains. This eliminates the chances of bad odor that would be a turn off in your home or offices. 


Quick response 

Our response time is an hour or less when called upon to clean a dirty and unkempt rug. We have a dedicated customer support staff working round the clock to answer your calls and dispatch our technicians. Our technicians specialize in oriental rug cleaning, wool rug cleaning, synthetic rug cleaning, and Persian rug cleaning among others. 



Over the years, we have invested in research into the best and cost-effective methods for rug cleaning. Our efforts have paid off and today, we offer different solutions that are cost effective. By choosing our rug cleaning service, not only do you get to save thanks to our budget-friendly program but you end up with a clean and dirt free rug. 


Non-toxic and Green Seal Certified cleaning solutions 

We understand that your beautifully handcrafted and natural fiber rugs are expensive and require special attention when cleaning. To maintain the look and beauty of your rugs, our experts use non-toxic chemical cleaning agents. Using these solutions, we professionally and safely clean your expensive hand-knotted rugs without shrinking or fading the colors. Since our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and Green Seal certified, they are safe to use on products your children and pets will use. Also, the cleaning solutions do not harm the environment. 


100% customer satisfaction 

As the go-to rug cleaning company in The Woodlands, Texas, we have one very important mission – to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services. As such, we are prepared to make you happy by providing top quality services at affordable rates than our competitors. Also, no hidden charges, no hassles, and no problems. All our rug cleaning services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are looking for a professional rug cleaning service in The Woodlands, Texas, we are your answer. 

Give us a call today and let us transform the look of your rugs.