Water Leak under Carpet


Water leaks would be ranked number 1 on the home destructive problems list, if one were made. Everyone would accept the fact that leaking water is the biggest disaster they’d have been through in their homes. The damage done by water leaks can sometimes not even be undone especially if hours have passed by without taking any action. The types of water leakages that can occur are, floods, leaky pipes or broken pipes, heavy rain or snow. For house owners, it is a real challenge when water comes inside the house because one of the problems it creates is water leaks under the carpet. Water leak under the carpets is a frustrating problem to deal with for any person inside a house. Water leak under the carpet can be hazardous to health, and the carpet should be treated immediately.


Here’s how water leak under the carpet can be dangerous for the health of the house residents.

Water leaks in carpets can cause delamination. Delamination is a process that takes place when the carpet is left wet for more than 24 hours. When is left wet for more than 24 hours, the carpet starts to come apart, the glue that was keeping the carpet and the padding beneath it together begins to weaken. When that happens, the mold makes it way to the wet carpet and starts to form. Everyone knows that when a surface is left to stay moist for long hours, mold begins to build up. Mold is disgusting as well as dangerous to have around the place you live and should be removed as soon as possible. If left untreated for more than 48 hours after getting wet and mold forming on the carpet can cause various allergic reactions to people who are allergic to mold and also to people who are not allergic. It is better to call a professional to clean up whenever there is mold build up in any part of the house.


Allergic reactions that mold can cause include:


• Asthma to asthma patients, who are also allergic to mold, from taking in the smell of mold.

• Allergic reactions like hay fever, cough, runny nose, skin rash, and sneezing – to people with mold allergy.

• Irritation in the eyes, skin, nose, throat, lungs – to allergic and non-allergic house residents.

Mold often also can be invisible to our eyes, like it is forming under the carpet and you don’t know of it. So when this disaster occurs be sure to take the following steps to ensure the health of your family and to save your carpet as well:

Determine the source and the kind of water that leaked in the carpets. If the leak is from a clean source like rain, tap water or other clean sources, then the carpet can be saved if treated before 48 hours. However, if the source of the water leak under the carpet is from a dirty place like sewage, bathroom or any other kind, it is best to get rid of it.

Before 48 hours of wet carpet are completed, call a professional carpet cleaning company. If the carpet is kept for 48 hours, the mold will keep growing and will spread on the carpet. Once the mold has acquired quite some space on your carpet, it will be tough to remove it, it will need an extensive cleaning, or in some cases, you might have to replace the carpet if the mold is unable to clean. To avoid major trouble, you should call an expert carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Take Action: As you have seen, water leak in carpet can cause many health issues and home destruction when left untreated, so it is best that as soon as it happens action is taken to prevent any loss. First of all, you need to call some water control services to end the problem of water leakage from home and once the leakage problem is solved call a professional carpet cleaning services near you. You can search the internet and find that many professional carpet cleaning services provide exceptional services in The Woodlands, Texas. Their locations, as well as contact numbers, will also be displayed on the search page with their reviews, so be sure to browse well before you choose.


How the professionals handle water leak under carpet problem is something like this:

• First the professional carpet cleaners determine the type of water leak under the carpet, if it is clean or not. They check if they can clean the carpet for you or not, because if the carpet has been left wet for too many hours and there’s a lot of mold build upon it, then it might become unable to clean.

• If the carpet is fit for cleaning they then dry off the carpet from all of its water and place it aside with and then the dry the padding if there’s any. Dry off the padding is a more difficult job than drying the carpet because it is really hard and heavy also and takes time to dry. Thankfully expert technicians know exactly how to perform this procedure and have all the required equipment as well to get the job done.

• Then they dry off the floor beneath the carpet completely. This is necessary as someone could fall from the wet floor or if the carpet is kept back on the wet floor it can become wet again.

• This step is performed by professionals if there’s any mold formed on the carpet. They clean the carpet with strong products, one that would not harm the carpet and take all the mold and dirt out of it for good. Then dry it off.

• The final step is to lay the carpet and/or padding back on the dried floor, but the catch is that dried carpets are difficult to put back down because they’d gotten hard after they have dried. This is why the professionals have come over to do the job, lay the carpet down and leave your house clean and dry.